About Us

Welcome to Uphando Electrical Distribution

Uphando Electrical Distribution has been in the electrical industry business since 1981, with its main objectives to propagate LV & MV (Medium Voltage) overhead electrical products to the Southern African electrical market. Our product range is focused on electrical utilities, mining companies & private entities which require (MV) medium voltage overhead equipment & surge protection for the establishment & integrity of their infrastructure. We would define Low Voltage products as any voltage up to 1000V, and MV Medium Voltage from 1kv-132kv. Our focus remains on the manufacturing of 3kv-33kv surge protection products known as Live Line surge arrestors. These products are all patented and have been used to protect electrical utilities distribution lines, overhead equipment & pole-mounted transformers. Our website – www.volts.co.za, has more detail as to what these products can do. We also are Importers of various MV products used in collaboration with the Live Line surge protection products.

Uphando Electrical Disribution, is situated in the North West Province of South Africa, in a town called Klerksdorp. We are 150km from Johannesburg International & 600km from the nearest Seaport. Our company is in the process of ISO 9001:2008, whereby we will ensure that our products are of a consistent quality and also improving as technology in processes are developed. These efforts are made to ensure that this is done in a manner that protects our employees & the environment. The company is an entity on its own and does not have any legal responsibilities to any other firm. However, we do operate from the same building with a sister company, which supplies LV voltage electrical equipment into the Southern African market.

Uphando Electrical Distribution - We are a Level 4 BEE company. e company started in 2001 and deals in the low voltage industry.


Uphando Electrical Strives To:
1.Provide a Professional and efficient electrical supply service timeously to customers – focusing on Government & Quasi Government companies, which fulfill their needs at a reasonable cost.
2.Provide a specialized, reliable and High Quality Value-Added Assembly service as per customer specifications.
3.Have every employee realize their full God-given talent in achieving the above stated primary company objectives and through the companies continued profitability ensure a secure and exciting workplace.

Uphando Electrical Distribution aims to deliver the best possible customer service with quality products to the markets we cover. We have a vision to be one of the most popular and biggest Electrical Distribution companies in the South African industry and SADC regions with our product offering.
We offer dedicated and specialized products, and would endeavour to service selected Government, Quasi Government and Private sectors in the medium voltage Electrical Industry.


Uphando Electrical Distribution Management and staff are driven firstly by Christian values, where high standards have been implemented and practised. Entrepreneurial virtues & values are vital for the growth and propagation of our product offering.
Proverbs 24:3 – We are made strong by Godly Wisdom, wise planning common sense, and profits by keeping a check on the facts and executing the necessary corrective measures.
The Truth will prevail, accomplish and expand Uphando Electrical Distribution's product range across National and International boundaries in the propagation of its products and principles.

The following principles make up Uphando Electrical Distribution focus.
1.Customer needs.

SHEQ Statement

Uphando Electrical Distribution is distibutor of low and medium voltage equipment. Our focus is to distribute our product ranges at the best possible service and price to the end user.
We also distribute a patented range of meduim voltage live line surge arrestors products across the SADC (Southern African Development Community) region and internationally. Uphando Electrical Distribution recognizes the importance of health & safety of employees, protection of the environment by preventing pollution and the manufacturing of quality products for the client. We strive to continuously improve on the processes and procedures set out in our manufacturing processes ; by keeping abreast with technological advancements, by never compromising on the secure working environment of our employees and by implementing the best quality materials & standards for our products. Our SHEQ Objectives will be identified during our bi-annual management review meetings, to drive our effectiveness & efficiency in the product offering.

Brands & Product Range

1.Live Line Technology – 3kv-33kv Surge Protection
2.ARC Flashsuits
3.Live Line Technology Blue Line link sticks.
4.Regeltex rubber gloves
5.Telemecanique – Motor Control and Switchgear (Main Suppler)
6.AC/DC Dynamics – General electrical accessories (Main Supplier)
7.Hellerman Tyton – Electrical Tools
8.Kama - Sirens
9.Waco – General Electrical accessories.
10.Deebar – Signals
11.Ewest – Panels.
12.CHI control – Cutler Hammer products
13.CBI – Circuit Breaker Industries.